Imperial cities

Discovering the imperial cities of Morocco is therefore to dive into the heart of the history and culture of an ancestral civilization while crossing a territory with grandiose landscapes. When a dynasty chooses to install its capital in a new city, that city must immediately reflect the power and magnificence of the immense and prosperous kingdom over which it reigns. Thus palaces, mosques, and all kinds of grandiose monuments were erected, the decoration of which was entrusted to the greatest contemporary artists. 

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The great south

Quietude, tranquility, a total change of scenery‚Ķ This is what the vast expanses of Morocco's desert promise you.¬†It is moreover the irresistible charm of the Moroccan south which attracts more and more visitors from all over the world, tempted by the experience of the desert and wild landscapes.¬†It is also a golden opportunity to explore different landscapes, with impressive geological shapes: the Kasbah of A√Įt Benhaddou passing through the Dades gorges to reach the Dr√Ęa valley.


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Atlas Mountains

Located in the heart of the Berber region, the High Atlas promises a total change of scenery for nature enthusiasts and great hikers. Home to the highest peak in all of Morocco and North Africa, the mountain range stretches approximately 750 kilometers in length; The High Atlas is populated by Amazigh Berbers who practice agriculture and livestock, the economic pillars of the region.


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The Atlantic coast

The Moroccan coast runs for 3,600 km. It is immense and wild on almost its entire route. It is punctuated by cities which show both character and charm: Rabat, the cosmopolitan; Essaouira the sweet; Agadir the modernist; Oualidia and El Jadida, smaller in size but interesting ...

The Atlantic coast in the south of Morocco is entirely virgin with the exception of a few towns such as Tarfaya, Boujdour or even Dakhla and fishing villages.¬†You will hardly find any tourist infrastructure there.¬†The beaches stretch as far as the eye can see and live to the rhythms of the tides and the wind.¬†The beaches of La√Ęyoune and those of the bay of Dakhla deserve a little relaxation break..

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